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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here's examples of frequently asked questions, however, feel free to ask us anything you would like to assist in your decision. Call us or send us an e-mail by clicking our Contact page.

  • How to send us artwork?
    If you have a logo or other artwork you can send it to us by postal service or e-mail. Fax is generally NOT suitable for sending artwork. If you do try to send art as a FAX, please make the drawing as large as possible. We print by letterpress, so all our artwork is in Monochrome - Line Art. Black & White, NOT shades of gray or colour. On the computer all work is done in Black & White, during the actual printing we select the foil colour to be used instead of Black. Large BLACK areas will not print well. It will show the grain of the wood as well as any surface scratches and the wood pores. You must design your logo (or artwork) in "Outline" form more like a colouring book. Convert logos that have white lettering on a black background to black lettering on an outlined field. If e-mailing please attach your artwork to the e-mail as a file attachment, do not embed in the body of the e-mail. Problems, don't fret, call Larry M. Walker for his professional help!

  • How should you design your artwork for your custom wood?
    LESS is MORE! The MORE words you put on a Wooden blank, the smaller the lettering will be, and the LESS impact it will have. Generally, all we need from you is the text information and a general layout and we will do the typesetting. Our common stock is small and large, although by special order we do have jumbo (2 inch / 5.1 cm by .25 inch / .6 centimetre). For our common stock, the available print size is normally 1.25 inch / 3.2 centimetre diameter for small (regular) 1.5 inch / 3.8 centimetre blanks; and, 1.5 inch / 3.8 centimetre for large (standard) 1.75 inch / 4.45 centimetre blanks. If you re using a logo or graphic, please ensure to use one that is not trademark or copyright protected. Contact James A. Williston for advice to-day. He is very glad to help with any detail, large or small!

  • What computer files extensions can we accept?
    Check with us in advance to be sure. Generally though, in most cases we can accept CorelDraw CDR or Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS or TIF but if using Macintosh ensure your EPS or TIF is in IBM format. Files from scanners and digital cameras TIF. GIF files should be large screen size 400x400 or larger. Your Graphic file should be less than 500k in size. If your graphic is larger than 1MB, something is wrong (saved as colour, oversized page, etc.). JPG and Word files are usually not suitable for printing, but they can be used to "show" us an idea of what you would like. MS Word 2007 and MS Office 2007 use a proprietary format and as a result, we might not be able to use these files at all. Roadblock? don't fret, call James A. Williston for his professional advice!

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